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If you enter the game and the click counter is not adding 1 every time you click and you can't do anything in the game, just click in "Save (MANUAL)", close the game and open it again.

this is just a joke game pls do not take it seriously

Ever had the urge of playing a fantastic and well made clicking simulator...?  One that will absolutely change the gaming world, and open the doors for a new experience unseen by everyone...?

Well, then I am proudly happy to announce you that...

...you must keep searching. This is not what you have been expecting.

HOWEVER! You came here to see actual cool stuff and an ULTIMATE simulator, so there you go! Welcome to Ultimate Click Simulator!

Featuring a saving system, many codes, and much more, you will certainly have bunch of hours playing this game! Try to maintain your respect by clicking more than a million times, feel way more entertained by using the codes and customizing the game by your own preferences, and lead the way to the highest score by competing with your friends (sharing your amount of clicks with them, of course)!

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Play now Ultimate Click Simulator for free

note: the game might not receive updates anymore lol

Install instructions

Download and open it normally. Windows Defender Smartscreen may interrupt when you open it, but ignore and proceed.


Ultimate Click Simulator.exe 14 MB

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